Ferrari Ranch Wine

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The Land

our home in the santa cruz mountains

The Santa Cruz AVA is a premier cool-climate and mountainous winemaking region with a rich history. This mountain and climate is ideal for growing and crafting Ferrari Ranch Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

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the property

Our property sits at an elevation of approximately 700 feet in the Corralitos sub-AVA of the Mountains.  This area is defined by a fog from the Pacific, which settles often and early.  It blankets the vineyard in a light mist that puts downward pressure on fruit yields but upward pressure on fruit quality.  The fog is possibly the greatest influence on this terroir and our ranch is no exception.  Our goal is to reflect these natural forces and guide the fruit through its transformation into wine.

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Ferrari Ranch is located at the Southern edge of Santa Cruz near the quaint town of Corralitos. The town is the perfect feel of seclusion without isolation. Not far from the quiet, sprawling trails of the peaceful redwoods in the Forest of Nisene Marks. Off the winding rural roads you will find apple orchards, horse farms and boutique wineries. A deep sense of community provides a respite from the melee of city life.

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the santa cruz ava

Nestled between the shadow of Mount Madonna and the beautiful blue waters of both Monterey and Half Moon Bay. The cool ocean breeze coupled with the cool nights and warm days makes for a perfect microclimate for the long, slow ripening of our grapes. The region is the perfect mix of sun-drenched valleys, foggy ocean coastline and mountain air.

Sustainable Farming

We are firm believers in sustainable farming.  To this end, we employ a variety of strategies that make our vineyard sustainable and aid in our goal of maintaining healthy soil levels for years to come.  Most of our vines are 40 years old, deep-rooted through many layers of soil and sand, and dry-farmed which means there is no irrigation system in use. Cane prunings are chopped up and reintroduced into the soil to promote biodiversity and erosion control, while the use of oyster shells aids in the regeneration of our soil.  Through the use of cover crops, we are able to achieve organic nitrogen.  We are also pleased to have been Round-Up free for the last 13 years all while running our property on solar energy.



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