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Dave & Liz are committing to sharing about the process at Ferrari Ranch. If you have any questions about the property or process, let them know at There will also be news, updates, and galleries to share.

Liz Ferrari
December 4, 2020 | Liz Ferrari

December Property Update

Dave & Liz commit to sharing about the process at Ferrari Ranch, and here's the first entry in a series. If you have any questions about the property or process, let them know at

A Unique Property We Fell in Love With

We enjoy the uniqueness of our Corralitos property - with its dry-farm planted vineyard and the often steep terrain where rows of pinot and chardonnay are planted.  It is an absolute delight to wake up to the fog in the morning and feel the warm sun in the afternoons. Every moment we spend on our property gives us more reasons to fall in love with it.  From the redwoods to the mild evenings, the hooting owls, and the brilliant sunsets. 

We bought the property as a joint project for us – Dave has always loved “the dirt” and has grown grapes on a much smaller scale for the last 20 years.  Liz was eager to create a respite from the Silicon Valley pace for family and friends. We knew that farming would keep us physically active, building a wine business would keep us technologically “current” and playing poker with Mother Nature would satisfy our risk-taking sensibilities.

We're Putting in Hard Work Running the Property

Since purchasing the property we have redone the house to make the space livable and spent time preparing the property. We cleared the back hill of scrub where we planted 1600 additional vines and added in tractor paths. We weeded, organically sprayed with molasses, and cane pruned the vine, all the while praying for rain or sunshine depending on the time of year.  We listened and learned from Prudy and Nick, and now Ross is coming alongside us in the journey.  Here we are, still at the beginning, but in a second leg of the journey as we introduce to you Ferrari Ranch Wines. There's always more to do, but we have a great team coming together at Ferrari Ranch.

This is Our Next Act

Dave has been building his family business, One Workplace alongside his brother and sister for the past 47 years. Dave announced to the One Workplace sales team a few years ago that he would be taking Fridays off to work in another capacity. “I’ll still be working, just on my tractor”, he said. The tractor on our label represents our “second act”- still working and building something but this time in nature, combining hard work, creativity, and imagination.

We are committing to ourselves that we will update this blog once a month.  We’ll keep you up to speed on what is going on in the vineyard and the winemaking process.  Our intent is to help interested folks learn more about the process, what's happening in the vineyard, and how that impacts what goes into the final expression of the wine in the bottle.

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