Ferrari Ranch Wine

The Ferrari Ranch Story

Get to know the Ferrari Ranch team and hear more about their passion for making wine.

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Liz and Dave Ferrari

Liz and Dave Ferrari bought the property in 2016. They were attracted to the terraced, dry-farmed, and organically grown vines that were originally planted in the 1980’s.  The Santa Cruz Agricultural community is a wonderful group of people dedicated to their passion for growing and winemaking.  The Ferrari’s were looking for something they could tackle together as Dave was preparing to “pass the baton” within his family-owned office interiors business, One Workplace.  Dave’s ancestors were farmers in Santa Clara Valley long before the computer era and the prospect of building up an agricultural property to its full potential was exciting for both of them. Dave and Liz have been growing Zinfandel and making wine for family and friends for years. Liz brings her expertise in entertaining and guest experience to their partnership. An on-property tasting experience is in the early planning stages.

Ross Reedy


When the chance to partner with Dave and Liz Ferrari of Ferrari Ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains arose, Ross jumped at it.  “There is something so special and unique about the terroir here.  It’s unlike any other area in California; with the dramatic elevation changes, the influence of the Pacific, and the slow, steady ripening.  The result is condensed yields of high-quality fruit with unrivaled structure and acidity.  Dave honors this appellation by farming Ferrari Ranch to the highest of standards, keeping the natural expression of his vineyard front and center.

Get to Know Ross

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Prudy Foxx 


Prudy's approach to viticulture embraces organic farming by maximizing soil health and taking a holistic view of the environment. The goal is to support healthy ecosystems that produce healthy vines and great wines.

Get to Know Prudy

Nick Pisano


Nick grew up in Saratoga. He spent his last years of high school in Malibu before returning to the Bay Area. Nick began as a vineyard manager for a property in Morgan Hill. For the past eight years, he has worked with Prudy managing Santa Cruz Mountain vineyards. Nick says that the Ferrari Ranch is a particularly unique vineyard because of the old vines and dry farm planting.

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What matters is the fruit, the region where it's grown (the terroir), and the manner in which it's grown.  The Santa Cruz Mountains have already proven to produce some of the more balanced, elegant, and dynamic Pinot Noir and Chardonnay not just in California, but in the world.

Another primary factor, the approach to growing, is arguably as important.  For Ferrari Vineyards, precise farming methods is more than a passion.  It is a passion that has turned into obsession.  An obsession for the relentless pursuit of perfection.  We look to the soil, the canopy, the fruit, and ultimately to the wine for evidence of this.  This is all done with a sustainable approach.

We are so excited to share this passion with you through the wines we curate.

-Liz and Dave

The Label

Note that there is a very special significance to the wine label they co-designed with Karen Adair. Dave’s greatest form of relaxation is driving his tractor while caring for the vineyard. The five swirling lines above the landline in our labels emulate the cool morning fog and sweet evening breezes that encourage the perfect growing conditions for Ferrari Ranch wines. The five swirling lines also bear symbolic significance to the family. The Ferrari’s have three children, totaling five in the family.  There are also five lines in a musical staff which represents two of the Ferrari children who are pursuing a music career and the third who is mastering the harmonica.

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